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    Free coaching

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    Personal dashboard

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    Have our designer for $0

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Who is BoringSites for?

BoringSites is a quick business builder for startup founders. Our users can quickly create a beautiful web apps, blogs, and helpdesks for a mobile or desktop, for a SaaS product, for a plugin, an open-source project, a SMM tool etc.

If your audience are tech guys, BoringSites is for them. They will be more willing to use a tailored tool for startups rather than generic old-fashioned Webflow or Wordpress.

Why promote you while I can promote some other website builder?

The key advantage is the approach. We are building a landing page generator for startups only. That means, we pay all the attention to startups-only demands. In particular, we will provide not-so-popular integrations, specific components and templates.

This is why startup founders love BoringSites more than other tools.

Why believe me? Just A/B test it yourself. Put a Wix affiliate link for a month, measure your earnings. Then put our link. Compare. Pick the winner.

What is the minimum payout amount?

  • Wise with min. payout of $200
  • Paypal with min. payout of $50
  • Bank (Australia) with min. payout of $50
  • Bank (Canada) with min. payout of $50
  • Bank (UK) with min. payout of $50
  • Bank (US) with min. payout of $50
  • Bank (international) with min. payout of $200
  • Bank (IBAN) with min. payout of $200

Can I have multiple affiliate offers on the same page?

Yes. Nothing stops your from selling let's say an analytics tool or a social media scheduler alongside with a landing page builder. Take the maximum out of your resource!

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