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Testimonial 01
I had a blog and use to struggle with markdown, recompiling, and overthinking. Now, I just write to @NotionHQ, with my website deployed on @NotionBear showing always pin and proper.
Corey Haines
CEO & Co-Founder Conversion Factory
Testimonial 01
β€œGetting to build and manage my company helpdesk using notion as a content provider is really slick, it has got our writers focus on what is important.β€œ
CEO & Co-Founder Indie Master Minds
Testimonial 01
β€œ I've been trying to find a blogging solution that not only is easy to work with but also is SEO ready, notionbear is worth every penny.β€œ
CEO & Co-Founder TweetHunter
Testimonial 01
β€œ Since migrating to NotionBear, our recruitment marketing agency has bypassed the need to outsource web development, attracted bigger clients, and introduced a new revenue stream .β€œ
Alex MacCaw
CEO & Co-Founder ClearBit
Testimonial 01
β€œ With limited resources and no in-house developers, our team can easily manage our blog, helpdesk and company wiki faster.β€œ
Adam Wathan
CEO & Co-Founder Tailwind
Testimonial 01
I needed a place for quick documentation and AI support that can help people who come looking for support , NotionBear solved that for me.
Darya Finger
CEO & Co-Founder Floosh

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