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Notionbear packs everything your startup needs.

Notion Bear is a powerful website builder for startups, solo-entrepreneurs and hackers. Try it for free.



Build a website or make changes with prompts.


Accept Payments

Accept payments with secure Stripe


100% No Code

No need to code to build a powerful website.


UI & UX-Ready

No need to be a designer.


Custom Code

If you need more, you can add custom code.


Full Analytics

Know how your website performs.


Your Domain

Your site your address.


Perfect for Teams

Collaborate together as a team.


Gated Content

Protect your content behind a paywall.

Your content lives in Notion

Your work stays in a place you control and love, while NotionBear handles the technical parts of publishing it to your website. This means you can focus what’s actually important to you: creating content and building your brand without worrying about configurations, plugins, downtime, performance, or security.


Customize to your brand

Style the look and feel of your site with no-code themes and designer templates. Everything can be customized inside NotionBear without code to make you proud of the unique site you share with the world. Add custom-code only if you want to.


World-class Performance

Pages load instantly anywhere in the world giving your site visitors a pleasant and snappy experience—they’ll never close the page for taking too long to load. On average NotionBear sites perform better than any industry leading website builder.


In-built Analytics

See your page views, visitors, referrers, clicks, and much more for all of your websites. Notionbear provides Inbuilt analytics for all your sites tp help ou find out where people are finding your blog, which links people are clicking the most, which of your posts are popular.


Optimized for SEO

All you have to do is to write good content that satisfies the needs of your readers. We take care of the rest. Set all the proper meta tags and canonical links, Structured Schema markup for all your posts, Served from the edge to make the blog super fast, Easy controls to override the SEO settings.


Integrates with your existing apps

NotionBear integrates with the tools you already use. Connect to Slack for notifications, embed your live chat widget from Intercom, Hubspot, Crisp and more. Need your app connected to NotionBear? We got you covered.


Incredible sites built with NotionBear

Browse through examples of live Notion websites, built with NotionBear.

Trusted by 100's of companies all over the world

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Testimonial 01
I had a blog and use to struggle with markdown, recompiling, and overthinking. Now, I just write to @NotionHQ, with my website deployed on @NotionBear showing always pin and proper.
Corey Haines
CEO & Co-Founder Conversion Factory
Testimonial 01
“Getting to build and manage my company helpdesk using notion as a content provider is really slick, it has got our writers focus on what is important.
CEO & Co-Founder Indie Master Minds
Testimonial 01
“ I've been trying to find a blogging solution that not only is easy to work with but also is SEO ready, notionbear is worth every penny.“
CEO & Co-Founder TweetHunter
Testimonial 01
“ Since migrating to NotionBear, our recruitment marketing agency has bypassed the need to outsource web development, attracted bigger clients, and introduced a new revenue stream .“
Alex MacCaw
CEO & Co-Founder ClearBit
Testimonial 01
“ With limited resources and no in-house developers, our team can easily manage our blog, helpdesk and company wiki faster.“
Adam Wathan
CEO & Co-Founder Tailwind
Testimonial 01
I needed a place for quick documentation and AI support that can help people who come looking for support , NotionBear solved that for me.
Darya Finger
CEO & Co-Founder Floosh

About NotionBear

Launch businesses in minutes, then grow to millions without leaving Notion.

Hey 👋
I’m Vaibhav, the founder of NotionBear.

There are already a couple of website builders and knowledge base softwares out there to help you post and manage content. And while most of them are certainly doing a good job,are they actually making use of the best content management system in the world?

I have been using Notion for a few years now. It's an amazing tool for storing and organizing all of my company's knowledge and writings. It should feel similiar to tools such as Intercom or Zendesk when it comes to support or webflow and framer if your building marketplaces with 1000s of documents.

Since I couldn't find the right solution – I built NotionBear. Sure, you can publish your Notion page on its own but it might come across as unprofessional. The messy Notion url, distracting links pointing to Notion and the lack of customizability are just a few disadvantages...

NotionBear is solving all of this. It is for businesses who need an easy way to create a reliable knowledge site powered by Notion.

— Vaibhav, Creator

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